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"What a good idea to have used my DIF to acquire the basics allowing me to "launch" myself in a dialogue during my next crossing of the border between Occitania and Spain so close! The beginning of a new adventure human. Thank you Annie!"

Jean-Marc P. 

(Aeronautical sector)


"Better mastery of the fundamentals and a marked improvement in oral expression"

Alain M.  

(Aeronautical sector)

October 2022

"The training allowed me to consolidate my vocabulary and improve my oral and written comprehension as well as to be able to express myself with simple sentences at first."

Michel G.  

(Aeronautical sector)

September 2022

"Annie is very attentive and she used a lot of interesting materials to help me
achieve my goal. I really enjoyed the homework between classes. It is thanks to Annie that in
I was able to improve my language level in a short time and gained a lot of confidence."

Anita F.  

July 2021

"The training (and the previous one) gave me more confidence to speak and more vocabulary and deeper knowledge of grammar / conjugation.

I am very satisfied and wish I had  more opportunities to use what I learned!"

Valerie N.


"A great progression in Spanish in a short period of time.

The dynamism and the Annie's professionalism are to be highlighted."

Christopher B.

(Banking sector)

July 2021

"The training allowed me to pick up the basics that I had completely forgotten and now I can try to communicate in Spanish without panicking."

Isabelle Z.

(Purchasing service in the aeronautical sector)

July 2021

"A very complete training course. Of course always more time would be welcome.

The trainer is very professional and attentive. Personalized follow-up. I will do another

training without hesitation. Thank you very much for your support."

Laëtitia M.   


"Training carried out within the framework of a CPF.

Annie immediately understood my personal objective for this training and adapted the program accordingly.

Annie is a very good teacher+++. Listening. Diversified training materials. Fully adapts to the profile of the trainee, their learning difficulties and their pace/schedule.

To conclude, Annie is a trainer at heart. She likes to share her knowledge and make others evolve at their own pace.

Another big THANK YOU for your kindness during these hours of training!

I recommend +++"

Christopher Mr.

(Sreal estate sector)


"I did this training as part of the CPF. At the start, I only had a few notions of Spanish, because I had never taken a course before, not even at school. Today I am able to communicate both orally and in writing.

Annie is an outstanding trainer.

She is very pedagogical, knows how to adapt to her audience and offers an attractive format during her lessons.

She is very competent. I highly recommend.

Really, thank you again Annie, it was a pleasure."

Nathalie C.

(Banking sector)



"I had difficulty expressing myself orally and now thanks to Annie, I have the basics to discuss and continue to progress without blockages. Thank you Annie."

Nicholas R.

(Mechanical engineer)


"The training allowed me to review the notions I had already learned a few years ago, to refresh all that and to continue to progress by learning vocabulary, consolidating conjugations. I feel much more comfortable speaking and I now have enough knowledge to be able to read an article and understand most of what I read (with a little vocabulary help for articles on lesser subjects) I can also now understand news reports in Spanish more easily. In short, a success!"

Valerie N.


 "Training focused on practice, understanding. Directly applicable. Completely flexible and adaptable to my schedule. Very pleasant training. Friendly and passionate trainer. Shares her experience and makes you want to learn!"

Gaelle B.

(Medical sector)



 "The trainer is very patient and pedagogical. I am able to understand a few elements of sentences that place me in the context of the discussions. I manage to grasp the context of the discussions on peaches maritime. I also manage to understand a little the menus in the restaurant"

Charles L.

(Radio Frequency Control)


 "Small group. Super trainer. In harmony with our professional constraints. The desire to continue learning"

Justin C.

(Radio Frequency Control)


"I started from zero, noawareness  in Spanish. Now I can manage abroad"

David H.

(Radio Frequency Control)


"Dynamic and diversified training. This training gave me a taste for the Spanish language, the desire to communicate, speak. The desire to travel and discover Spain and Latin America"

Fabrice R.

(Radio Frequency Control)



"A real understanding of a language that was foreign to me.

The understanding and practice of the Latin language that I had learned a long time ago"

Marina G.

(Radio Frequency Control)


"Friendly and motivating training. Veryfriendly, addressing the different aspects forlearn une langue. To continue!"

Aurelien M.

(Engineer / Radio Frequency Control)


"Training in Spanish gave me more ease in my oral expression, in grammatical comprehension. Perfect to put me in good conditions before starting a professional experience in Colombia.

This training also allowed me to put myself in a situation (interviews for example), to acquire a vocabulary adapted to what I was looking for and to practice both orally and in writing. Thank you for your availability !"

Bastian R.

(Football coach)


"Having had difficulties during my studies, Ms. Cuevas helped me a lot to develop my Spanish which allowed me to get my diploma. 

Very professional and attentive, I highly recommend her, moreover the lessons were pleasant and personalized."

Louise R.

Student in BTS (Alternatively)


"For my part, this internship allowed me to considerably develop my oral practice of the language. Already, the progress was started last year but this year they seem consistent to me.

The quality of your teaching, perfectly adapted to our needs, has a lot to do with it.

You know how to find the rhythm, the themes and the register of vocabulary that suits us (I take the liberty of saying we when thinking of Bruno because I know that he shares my opinion).

I use expressions that come to me spontaneously which I couldn't do before. It is a real pleasure to practice Spanish in these conditions.

I look forward to meeting you for the next session to improve my skills.

A big thank-you !"

Michael S.

(Radio Frequency Control)



"Hello Annie,
As I promised you, here are a few lines of my impressions of the work done together over the past three years.
I am really very happy with the work done because I manage my job and I can ask my interlocutors a lot more things in Spanish.
In addition, for everyday life at the hotel or in a restaurant situation, I have made good progress and it is very pleasant at the table to be able to listen and take part in a discussion with the people seated at my table.
I think that your training is well organized and that it perfectly meets my expectations both professionally and in everyday life."

Bruno C.

(Radio Frequency Control)


“I had been learning Spanish for several months with the Assimil method, and I had reached a basic level allowing me not to be lost in Spanish, or to understand texts, relating or not to my professional activity.
But I was missing an essential aspect to progress: the conversation with a person who speaks native Spanish. Annie Cuevas perfectly understood this need, and offered me a first lesson session, of about twenty hours in individual, based on the discussion around various topical themes, practical life, etc... It was the click: she managed to remove the "blockages" that we all encounter when learning a foreign language, the frustration of not being able to express one's idea exactly. And she gave me the confidence to speak up, still making a lot of mistakes, of course, but allowing me to continue my progress, more quickly. And to no longer be afraid of dealing with grammatical peculiarities, capricious verb conjugations... There was then a second series of  courses, based on the same principle, obviously of a much higher level, covering the Spanish spoken on the street, today's commonly used expressions.  
Today when I go to Spain, despite shortcomings that can only be erased   by total immersion in the language, I feel comfortable enough to start a conversation without apprehension with the people I meet, and understand well what I hear, even adapting to different accents. And the self-confidence in the exchange in writing that I often practice, is also present.
Of all the teachers I have met in learning other languages (English, German) Annie is the one who knew how best to adapt her course to my needs, "pulling me up", not leaving out any difficulty, with a well-calculated progression, leaving book learning to confront myself with today's Spanish,   and on the balance sheet with a success that I could not have imagined... Muchas gracias, Annie, you agradez
how! »

Christian F.

Telecommunications sector


"I have reached a level allowing me to begin to be comfortable exchanging, communicating, understanding texts or messages. I am delighted to be able to exchange with Spanish speakers and to be able to discover their cultures."

Muriel S.  

November 2021

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