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  • Getting started in Spanish

  • Getting back up to speed

  • Improve in the various professional sectors

  • Develop both orally and in writing

  • Better understand the intercultural relationship


  • Work on communication performance

  • Realize simulations of negotiation, sales, debates.

  • Learn to express your opinion, to qualify it.

  • Practice presenting a product

  • Prepare a pre-stay:

      Business trip


Whatever your level!

If you want to take a certification eligible for the CPF:

  • Validate your level in Spanish by evaluating the 5 skills

  • Acquire a constructive evolution at your own pace

  • Deepen and consolidate your level thanks to a "tailor-made" program


    Don't wait any longer and register

to CLOE certification  !


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If you want to graduate eligible for the CPF:


  • Validate your level in Spanish

  • Better integrate yourself professionally

  • A dynamic evolution

  • Develop your projects effectively internationally

  • Gain credibility with your employers and associates

      I invite you to prepare and pass the DCL in Spanish, a diploma recognized at European level

To learn more, check out:

If you prefer :


  • Take an online test

  • Validate your level in Spanish with ease

  • Collect detailed results immediately


Register and pass the BRIGHT certification  !


To progress well:

Seriousness, rigor and a lot of enthusiasm!

Tienes un nivel:

¿Básico? ¿Intermedio? ¿Avanzado?:

¡Prepárate y pásate el DCL !

O si prefieres : ¡Examínate con el CLOE!

Ya verás: ¡Les sacarás  provecho!

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